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House Rules

  • In all disputes in which a ruling, interpretation, clarification or intervention is required, all decisions made by us are final and binding.

  • We reserve the right to close any game at any time.

  • We reserve the right to remove a player for a time period to be determined by us for a violation of a house rule.

  • In the unlikely event of a software error which subsequently rewards a pot to the wrong player, we reserve the right to adjust your account balance to correct the errors. We will contact all affected players and present a hand history and detailed explanation of the error within 48 hours.

  • During a game, if you notice that an error of any kind has occurred, you are obliged to contact Customer Support to discuss the error.

  • In the unlikely event of a server crash that removes all players from the table, the hand in play will be considered dead (void) and all money will be returned after an investigation has been conducted.

  • In the unlikely event of an error, the hand will be considered dead. Please refer to "error" under our Poker General House Policies.

  • You have the right to request a hand history in the event of a dispute.

  • Players may not act as a team. If we suspect you are playing as a team (collusion) with another player, we reserve the right to suspend your account while we conduct an investigation. If you are found to have been acting, or if we reasonably suspect you were acting as a member of a team, we will terminate your account indefinitely. If warranted, we reserve the right to confiscate any funds you may have won while playing as a member of a team. We will distribute confiscated funds to victimized players.

  • No "board talk" is allowed. You may not chat about a hand while it is in progress. Although some comments may be innocuous, the presumption will be that any comments about the play of a hand are in violation of our rules, and the burden of proof will be on the violating you to convince us otherwise. To be safe, avoid making jokes about the hand you are holding or how you intend to play during a hand.

  • You may not use chat to offer advice to another player during a hand, or urge a player to take a particular course of action (for example it is a rule violation to use chat to say "Call him, he's bluffing!").

  • You may not chat about any folded cards you held during a hand.

  • You may not chat about any current cards they are holding during a hand.

  • Only English and the table specific language may be written using chat.

  • Foul, abusive or threatening language will not be tolerated and you may lose membership privileges for any repeat occurrences.

  • In fixed limit games there is a maximum of four bets allowed in each betting round. A bet, a raise, a re-raise and a cap. A cap is the third raise in a betting round, after which no more betting is allowed. Pot limit and No limit games allow for an unlimited number of bets and raises.

  • If there are only two remaining players, playing "heads up," then raises are unlimited.

  • You are allowed to Check and Raise.

  • The determination of which player's hand will and must be shown first during the showdown will depend on which player initiated the action and/or which player initiated the last bet, raise or re-raise.

  • If you win a non-called pot are not obligated to show your cards.

  • You may not fold a checked hand.

  • Cards "speak for themselves" when determining the winner of a pot. The universal poker hand rankings apply.

  • If two or more players tie by holding equally-strong winning five-card hands, the pot will be split between the tying players. If there is an odd chip, that chip will be broken down to the smallest value chips in the game. If the amount to be split is still uneven, the player who was in earliest position gets the odd chip in flop games. In high-low games, the high hand gets the odd chip.

  • We shall collect a "rake" not to exceed $3 per pot, except in games featuring stakes of 1-2 or lower, where the maximum rake is $1.

  • The Reserve-Seat and Sit-Out features are intended to allow you to take a small break from the action without losing your seat. You must return to the game within 10 rounds. If you fails to return to the game, then you will be picked up from the table.

  • Short buys are not permitted. The only exception to this rule is if you already bought into the game for the acceptable minimum, and you want to add chips from your account, but you don't have enough chips in your account to reach the minimum. You would then be allowed to add as many chips as you have left in your account.

  • Straddle bets are not permitted.

  • Your membership to our site can be revoked at anytime for any reason. The funds in your account will be returned unless you have been found to have cheated another player or players, in which case some or all funds may be distributed to the victimized players.

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