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Single Table Tournament

Enter the Single Table Competition screen by clicking the Single Tourney tab in the lobby.

From this screen, you can register to play, or click to watch a tournament (if one is in progress).

Tournament Definitions


Shows the Tournament ID of the tournament played at the specific table.

You may filter a tournament type by clicking one of the five buttons labeled All, Single Table, Short Handed, Heads Up, or Quickie.

All: all tables
Single Table: tables with 10 players
Short Handed: tables with 5 players
Heads Up: tables with 2 players


The name of the tournament.


Shows the game type played at the table.


Shows if the tournament has a fixed limit, no limit, or a pot limit. See the limits section for further information.


Shows the buy in cost plus the entry fee for the selected tournament.


Shows tournament status.


Shows the number of players registered for a tournament / the maximum number of players.

Click the column headings to sort any column.

View Tournament Information

Select a tournament by clicking a tournament row. Information about the tournament is displayed in the pane to the right of the tournament list. The information shown differs depending on the status of the tournament.

Click the Blind Structure button to show the blind increase intervals (Level, Small Blind, Big Blind, and Interval in minutes).

Join the Game

If the game state is Register, you may join the game by clicking the Register button. A pop-up box asks you to pay the buy in and entrance fees.

Watch the Game

If the tournament is running, you may watch the game by clicking the Go to Table button.

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